Save entities to the database

Clearly we have saved entities to the database in many of the previous recipes, but it's time to dig a bit deeper into how that actually works. This recipe will explore different ways of saving and what happens behind the scenes.

Getting ready

  1. Create a new Windows forms project named SessionRecipes, in Visual Studio.
  2. Add a reference to NHibernate using NuGet Packet Manager Console:
    Install-Package NHibernate -project SessionRecipes
  3. Also add a reference to NH4CookbookHelpers:
    Install-Package NH4CookbookHelpers -project SessionRecipes
  4. Remove the class Form1.cs from the project.
  5. Add using NH4CookbookHelpers; to the top of Program.cs.
  6. Edit Program.cs so that the last line in Main reads:
    Application.Run(new WindowsFormsRunner()); ...

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