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Night Photography and Light Painting, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Lance Keimig, one of the premier experts on night photography, has put together a comprehensive reference that will show you ways to capture images you never thought possible. This new edition of Night Photography presents the practical techniques of shooting at night alongside theory and history, illustrated with clear, concise examples, and charts and stunning images. From urban night photography to photographing the landscape by starlight or moonlight, from painting your subject with light to creating a subject with light, this book provides a complete guide to digital night photography and light painting.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication
  6. Table of Contents
  7. Foreword: Tim Baskerville
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Introduction
    1. Chapter 1 The history of light painting: From flash powder to flashlights
    2. Chapter 2 Night photography equipment
      1. Camera choice
      2. Lenses
      3. Tripods
      4. Cable or remote releases
      5. Lens shades and flare blocking devices
      6. Other equipment basics
      7. Dressing for night photography
    3. Chapter 3 The basics of night photography
      1. The night photography mind-shift
      2. Being prepared
      3. Many variables
      4. Composition and subject matter
      5. Composing and focusing
      6. Using a constant aperture
      7. Hyperfocal focusing
      8. Contrast and dynamic range
      9. Light sources and color temperature
      10. Weather
      11. Flare
    1. Chapter 4 Key camera settings and exposure for optimal image quality
      1. Optimal exposure
      2. Expose to the right
      3. The camera sensor
      4. Histograms
      5. The flashing highlight indicator and zebra patterning
      6. Dynamic range
      7. Set image quality to RAW
      8. Native ISO settings
      9. White balance
      10. Minimizing noise at the source
      11. Long-exposure noise reduction (LENR)
      12. High-ISO noise reduction
      13. Highlight tone priority/auto lighting optimizer/D-lighting picture styles
      14. Other camera settings
      15. Summary
    2. Chapter 5 Astro-landscape photography
      1. Planning and preparation
      2. Astro-landscape photography techniques
      3. Cameras for astro-landscape photography
      4. Lenses for astro-landscape photography
      5. Photographing celestial phenomena
      6. Rick Whitacre: Photographing meteors
      7. Michael Frye: Photographing lunar eclipses
      8. Astro-landscape photography checklist
    3. Chapter 6 Long exposures in natural light—moonlight and star trails
      1. The changing nature of moonlight
      2. Determining exposure
      3. Photographing the full moon
      4. Photographing by the light of the moon
      5. High-ISO exposure testing
      6. Moonlight and light pollution
      7. Star trails versus star points
      8. Stacking images for longer star trails
    4. Chapter 7 Postprocessing for night photography
      1. Why Lightroom?
      2. The Develop module tools: Basic
      3. The Develop module tools: HSL / Color / B&W
      4. The Develop module tools: Detail
      5. Sharpening
      6. Noise reduction
      7. Lens corrections
      8. High-contrast ambient artificial light image
      9. Artificial light image with strong mixed lighting and perspective distortion
      10. Astro-landscape photograph of Steve’s Rock, Olmsted Point, Yosemite
      11. Astro-landscape panoramic photograph of Owen’s Dry Lake
    5. Chapter 8 Painting with light—lighting the subject
      1. What is light painting?
      2. Light painting and exposure
      3. High-ISO testing and light painting
      4. Determining how much light to add
      5. Color
    6. Chapter 9 Drawing with light—subject is light
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  12. Contributors and Resources
  13. Index