Chapter 8. Downloading and Editing Images

In This Chapter

  • Nikon PictureProject

  • Nikon Capture

  • Other software options

Your work isn't finished after you've pressed the shutter release. Each photo you take must be downloaded to your computer, organized for display or printing, and, if you want to crop, tweak, or manipulate your image in some way, process the picture in an image editing program. You perform most of those functions using the software included with your D200, but if you want to go beyond the basics, other applications and utilities exist that you'll find useful. In this chapter, I explain some of the things you may want to do, and the software available to do them. Because this is a field guide, I won't go into extensive detail on how to use any of these programs. After all, unless you take a laptop with you out into the field, you probably won't be using one of these applications until you're back at your home or office, safely nestled in front of your computer.

Nikon's Offerings

Nikon includes two software programs on CDs, packed right in the box, with the D200. They are the full version of Nikon PictureProject and Nikon Capture, which is offered as a try-out version. PictureProject is a simple application for downloading, viewing, and organizing your photos, and includes some features for cropping and making minor retouching modifications. You can also print photos from within PictureProject, burn them onto a CD or DVD, or send pictures by e-mail.

Nikon Capture is a more ...

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