Appendix A. Accessories

There are a number of accessories and additional equipment that are available for the Nikon D3000. These accessories range from batteries and flashes to tripods and camera bags. They can enhance your shooting experience by providing you with options that aren't immediately available with the purchase of the camera alone.

ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control

This relatively inexpensive and handy little device is used to wirelessly trigger the shutter release on the D3000 using the infrared sensor located on the front of the camera. To use this feature, set the camera Drive mode to Remote (you can choose from Quick Response remote or Delayed remote). Point the remote at the camera and press the button.

This remote is great for triggering the camera when you want to do self-portraits or if you want to get in the picture when doing a group portrait. This remote is also very useful to use to reduce camera shake when doing long exposures with the camera mounted on a tripod.


The Bulb setting is unavailable when the camera is set to one of the remote drive modes. You do, however, get a setting called Time. When set to this, press the remote button once to open the shutter and once again to close the shutter.

ML-L3 wireless remote

Figure A.1. ML-L3 wireless remote


One of the most important accessories you can have for your camera, whether you're a professional or just a hobbyist, is a tripod. ...

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