Chapter 9. Event Photography

Event photography is becoming a popular way for some advanced amateur photographers to make a little extra cash. There are many different types of events and each type of event has specific ways that the photographer must handle it. For example, photographing a wedding involves much more than just showing up and snapping some photos of the ceremony, whereas photographing a concert doesn't involve much preparation at all.

The one caveat about taking on an event gig for pay is that it comes with serious responsibility to get all the coverage that's needed in a timely manner. Be sure that if you take on a gig you are completely comfortable doing it. The best way to get the hang of any type of photography is to practice. Assisting an event photographer is often the best way to get familiar with the process.

Event Photography

Concert lighting can be some of the most difficult to deal with but also it also can give you some very cool effects.


Concert photography is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of photography out there. Almost everyone loves music and capturing an iconic image of your favorite performer is an exciting prospect. Of course, don't expect that you're going to be able to head right out and shoot photos of the Rolling Stones or Aerosmith. One of the most frustrating aspects about doing concert photography is how hard it can be to obtain permission ...

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