Nikon D3200 Digital Field Guide

Book description

A colorful, portable guide to all the features of Nikon's D3200 dSLR

The Nikon D3200 dSLR camera is packed with fabulous features like a 24-megapixel sensor, full HD video capability with fulltime autofocus, and 4 frames-per-second continuous shooting mode. This full-color guide provides instructions for all the buttons, dials, modes, and menus plus a refresher course in photography basics. It illustrates the essentials of lighting, composition, and exposure with plenty of examples, and author Alan Hess, veteran concert photographer, even includes professional tips on improving portraits, candids, sports and travel photos, and much more.

Sized to fit in a camera bag, the book includes a bonus gray and color checker card to help dSLR newcomers capture perfect white balance and color every time.

  • Nikon's exciting D3200 dSLR offers a 24-megapixel sensor, full HD (1080p) video recording with fulltime autofocus and 4 fps high-speed continuous shooting mode, and a host of other features

  • This full-color guide, in a portable 6 x 9-inch trim explains all the camera's settings, buttons, menus, and modes with step-by-step directions

  • Explains how to choose lenses, adjust white balance, use autofocus, and manage exposure

  • Author and professional photographer Alan Hess provides advice on improving your candids, portraits, sports and travel photos, macro photography, and more, with exquisite examples

  • Includes a gray and color checker card to help you achieve perfect color

Nikon D3200 Digital Field Guide is your new Nikon's best friend. Take it everywhere you take your camera and have expert advice at your fingertips.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Title Page
    1. Acknowledgments
  4. Quick Tour
    1. Getting Started
    2. Downloading Images
  5. Chapter 1: Exploring the Nikon D3200
    1. Key Camera Controls
    2. The Viewfinder Display
    3. The Information Display
    4. The Guide Mode
  6. Chapter 2: The Nikon D3200 Essentials
    1. Exposure Modes
    2. Scene Modes
    3. The Picture Control System
    4. Working with Focus and AF area modes
    5. Release Modes
    6. Flash Modes
    7. Setting the White Balance
    8. Setting the ISO
    9. File Types
  7. Chapter 3: Setting Up the Nikon D3200
    1. The Playback Menu
    2. The Shooting Menu
    3. The Setup Menu
  8. Chapter 4: Lenses and Accessories
    1. Lens Basics
    2. Lens Compatibility
    3. The DX Crop Factor
    4. Prime versus Zoom Lenses
    5. Picking the Right Lens
    6. The Nikon Creative Lighting System
    7. Microphones
    8. The WU-1a Wireless adapter
  9. Chapter 5: All About Lighting
    1. The Importance of Light
    2. The Quality of Light
    3. The Direction of Light
    4. The Intensity of Light
    5. Types of Light
    6. Measuring Light
  10. Chapter 6: Exposure and Composition
    1. Exposure Basics
    2. Composition
  11. Chapter 7: The Live View Mode and Video Basics
    1. The Live View Mode
    2. Video
  12. Chapter 8: Using the Nikon D3200
    1. Abstract Photography
    2. Action and Sports Photography
    3. Concert Photography
    4. Landscape and Nature Photography
    5. Macro Photography
    6. Night and Low-light Photography
    7. Portrait Photography
    8. Travel Photography
  13. Chapter 9: Viewing and Editing In-camera
    1. Viewing Your Images
    2. Downloading Your Images
    3. Editing in the Retouch Menu
    4. Printing from the camera
  14. Appendix A: Postproduction
    1. Still-photo Editing
    2. Video Editing
  15. Appendix B: Accessories
    1. Memory Cards
    2. Remotes
    3. Video Accessories
    4. Tripods
    5. Global Positioning Systems
  16. Appendix C: How to Use the Gray Card and Color Checker
    1. The Gray Card
    2. The Color Checker
  17. Glossary

Product information

  • Title: Nikon D3200 Digital Field Guide
  • Author(s): Alan Hess
  • Release date: September 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118438220