Chapter 9: After Capture

Your photographic experience with the D3300 doesn’t end once you press the Shutter Release button and capture the image. For many photographers this is just the start of an in-depth process of creating an image. To get started, you can play back the images on the LCD screen to review them. You can use the D3300 to create a slide show, and you can plug the camera into an HDTV and share them with your friends and family. At some point you need to transfer your images to your computer hard drive for more permanent storage.

You may also find that your images may need a little tweaking, and this chapter discusses a few of the better options for making minor adjustments to your images.


Taking the photo is just the beginning of the photographic process.

Viewing Your Images

The D3300 offers two ways to view your images: You can simply press the Playback button (9781118143216-playback2.tif) and view them directly on the LCD monitor, or you can connect the camera to a television and view your pictures on the screen. You can connect to an HDTV using the HDMI out port, or you can connect to the RCA inputs on a standard-definition TV with the EG-CP14 A/V cable supplied with the D3300. If your HDTV also has standard RCA inputs, you can connect it there as well, but the output will not be high ...

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