Chapter 7: Working with the Live View and Video Modes

Live View and high-definition (HD) video are standard on all of Nikon’s current dSLRs. When the D5000 was introduced, the video settings were pretty much fully automatic, except for the autofocus, which was fully manual and video was only 720p. When the D5100 was released, its video capabilities were upgraded to a full 1080p HD, and it also gained autofocus, but the most important part was still missing — manual settings to control video recording.

Enter the D5200. Finally, Nikon has added a Manual video mode (manual2.eps), which previously was only available on higher-end cameras. Nikon has also added a built-in stereo microphone (something even the flagship D4 doesn’t have), which is a first for all of its dSLRs. As a result, the D5200 is much more viable for use as a dedicated HD video camera than any of its predecessors.


Using Live View mode, especially with the D5200 Vari-angle LCD monitor, you can get creative when composing angles.

Live View Mode

Live View mode (liveview2.eps) is simply a live feed of what is being projected through the lens and onto the sensor. This live feed can also be used to produce a video. To enter Live View mode (), ...

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