Appendix B: Accessories

You have a wide choice of accessories for the D5200 that serve varying purposes. In recent years, Nikon has released more accessories that enable wireless operation, and the flexibility and ease that come with being wire-free. There are also standard accessories, such as Speedlights, that work with the D5200. This section covers some of the accessories Nikon offers for the D5200 that can enhance your shooting experience.


A Nikon Speedlight is, in my opinion, one of the most invaluable accessories you can buy for your D5200. Speedlights are used on- or off-camera for shooting in low light, or for lighting a subject creatively. Speedlights give you the power and flexibility of professional lighting at an affordable price. They are compact and can be controlled wirelessly from the D5200 with an additional commander unit (either another Speedlight or the dedicated SU-800 Commander).

Nikon Speedlights operate as part of the Nikon Advanced Wireless Lighting (AWL) system and are part of what is known as the Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS). AWL allows you to control multiple Speedlights and groups of Speedlights wirelessly while using the Nikon proprietary i-TTL flash metering system. This allows you to achieve professional lighting results with a much smaller budget and a much smaller gear bag.

The D5200 allows you to control up to two groups of additional Speedlights using an SB-700 as a commander, and up to three groups of flashes when using ...

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