Chapter 2

Reviewing Five Essential Picture-Taking Options


check Selecting an exposure mode

check Changing the shutter-release mode

check Choosing the right Image Size (resolution) setting

check Understanding the Image Quality setting: JPEG or Raw?

check Adding flash

Every camera manufacturer strives to ensure that your initial encounter with the camera is a happy one. To that end, the D5600's default settings are designed to make it easy to take a good picture the first time you press the shutter button. The camera is set to the Auto exposure mode, so all you need to do is frame, focus, and shoot, as outlined at the end of Chapter 1.

Although the default settings deliver acceptable pictures in many cases, they don't produce optimal results in every situation. You may be able to take a decent portrait in Auto mode, for example, but by tweaking a few settings, you can turn that decent portrait into a stunning one.

This chapter helps you start fine-tuning the camera settings by explaining five basic ...

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