Chapter 2: Nikon D600 Essentials

Once you’re comfortable with the basic layout of the D600 and all of its dials, switches, and buttons, you can dive into the most important settings. These settings allow you to capture your images exactly as you want. They are also the settings that will change most frequently as they include exposure modes, autofocus, metering, white balance, ISO sensitivity, and so on. All of these settings combined help create the image exactly as you envision it.


Knowing which modes and features to use in any given situation allows you to get a good exposure, no matter what. For this high contrast image I used the HDR feature.

Exposure Modes

Exposure modes dictate how the D600 chooses the aperture and shutter speed, as well as the metering mode. Metering modes control how the camera gathers the lighting information so that the camera can choose the appropriate settings based on the exposure mode.

The four main exposure modes are Programmed auto (programmedauto.eps), Aperture-priority auto (aperturepriorityauto.eps), Shutter-priority auto (shutterpriorityauto.eps), and Manual (). These are all you need to achieve the correct exposure, ...

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