Chapter 7: Working with Live View and Video

Live View and video are now standard features on all of Nikon’s current dSLRs, and when Nikon released the D600, it had pretty much perfected them. Luckily, this technology — with features such as full 1080p HD video and HDMI output for external monitors and the ability to record uncompressed video straight to a hard drive — has trickled down to the D600, so great full-frame video is available to D600 filmmakers. No longer are you stuck with what is essentially a fully automatic point-and-shoot video camera as you were with previous models; now you can adjust the settings directly on screen without needing to access the options in the menu. The D600 is a viable, compact HD video camera that you can rely on to produce professional-quality HD video.


Many filmmakers are turning to dLSR cameras because of their portability and wide selection of lenses.

Live View Overview

Live View (liveview.eps) is simply a live feed of what is being projected through the lens onto the sensor. This live feed can also be used to produce a video. First things first: to enter liveview.eps, you must press the Live View button (). Next, to shoot stills you must switch the Live View ...

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