Appendix A. Accessories

In This Appendix

MB-D10 battery grip

WT-4a wireless transmitter

ML-3 Modulite remote control set

MC-36 multi-function remote cord


Camera bags and cases

A number of accessories and additional equipment are available for the Nikon D700. They range from batteries and flashes to tripods and camera bags, and can enhance your shooting experience by providing you with options that aren't available with the camera alone.

MB-D10 Battery Grip

The MB-D10 is arguably one of the most important accessories you can buy for the D700. It is available only from Nikon and attaches to the bottom of your D700. Not only does this grip offer you an extended shooting life by allowing you to fit additional batteries to your camera, but it also offers the ease and convenience of a vertical shutter release, a Main Command and Sub-command dial, and an Autofocus-On button (AF-ON) button. This means that if you hold your camera in the vertical position, you can use the Shutter Release button on the MB-D10 to fire the camera and adjust settings without having to hold your camera awkwardly, with your elbow up in the air, to press the camera's Shutter Release button.

The MB-D10 grip comes with two adapters so you can use different types of batteries. The MS-D10EN enables you to use a standard EN-EL3e battery in the grip. The MS-D10 enables you to fit eight AA batteries in the grip.

If you're willing to spend even more money, you can also fit an EN-EL4 or EN-EL4a battery into the MB-D10. The ...

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