Chapter 3: Setting up the Nikon D7100

Just like its FX sibling the D600, the Nikon D7100 is a highly customizable piece of equipment. There are multitudes of buttons that you can assign to any number of functions for quick access to the controls you use most often. Most of the features that are frequently accessed have a dedicated button, so the majority of items that are in the menu systems are settings that aren’t changed frequently. If there are menu items that you do change frequently, you can add these items to the My Menu ( mymenu.eps ) feature so that you can access them with maximum ease. These attributes make the D7100 a versatile tool that you can use for just about any type of photography. To enter the Nikon D7100 menu system, you simply press the Menu button ( menu2.eps ).


Setting up your camera effectively allows you to focus on your art.

The Playback Menu

The Playback Menu ( playback.eps ) displays the options that allow you to control how your images are stored, as well as how the camera displays the images during image review and what information is available for you to view while reviewing your ...

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