Chapter 9: Advanced Topics

The D7100 is a camera that appeals to a broad range of photographers. The camera has many features that appeal to advanced photographers, but also retains many features from entry-level cameras that allow relative newcomers to make an easy transition. A camera of this level allows photographers the option of doing many types of photography and also has many features that can be applied for different types of photographic endeavors. The camera manual includes a few pages telling you how to correctly take a snapshot, but that’s about it. I have included a few topics here to get you started on taking your photography with the D7100 to the next level.


Each type of photography has its own unique types of settings which can be applied to make the photo taking process easier.

U1/U2 User Settings

Although the manual briefly touches on the user settings, it doesn’t offer much more than how to set the D7100 to certain parameters and recall them by setting the dial. While this information is certainly important, it lacks quite a bit of detail. The user settings are located on the Mode dial along with the rest of the exposure settings. You can rotate the Mode dial to U1 or U2 to access them in an instant.

To clarify exactly what these user settings are, I liken them to the camera’s built-in scene modes, but with one major difference — the user settings are scene ...

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