Taking Great Pictures, Automatically

In This Chapter

arrow Getting the best results in automatic exposure modes

arrow Understanding the pros and cons of Auto and Auto Flash Off modes

arrow Shooting your first pictures

arrow Exploring Scene modes

Are you old enough to remember the Certs television commercials from the 1960s and ’70s? “It’s a candy mint!” declared one actor. “It’s a breath mint!” argued another. Then a narrator declared the debate a tie and spoke the famous catchphrase: “It’s two, two, two mints in one!”

Well, that’s sort of how I see the Nikon D7100. On one hand, it provides a full range of powerful controls, offering just about every feature a serious photographer could want. On the other, it offers automated photography modes that enable people with absolutely no experience to capture beautiful images. “It’s a sophisticated photographic tool!” “It’s as easy as ‘point and shoot!’” “It’s two, two, two ­cameras in one!”

Now, my guess is that you bought this book for help with your camera’s ...

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