Adding Flash

In This Chapter

arrow Taking advantage of the built-in flash

arrow Setting the flash mode

arrow Adjusting flash power

arrow Investigating advanced flash options


Cameras have gone through many evolutions since photography was first invented. But one thing that remains constant is that you can't create a photograph without light. In fact, the term photograph comes from the Greek words photo, for light, and graph, for drawing.

Thanks to the built-in flash on your D7200, you're never without at least a little light. You also have the option to attach a larger, more powerful external flash when scenes call for more light than the built-in flash can produce.

Although flash photography seems simple enough on the surface, it actually requires a lot of skill. Where you place the light, how much flash power you use, and when the flash fires are just some of the important components of a good flash photo — which is to say, a picture that doesn't look like you shot it in a police interrogation room, ...

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