Ten Features to Explore on a Rainy Day

In This Chapter

arrow Editing photos with the Retouch menu tools

arrow Having fun with special effects

arrow Using your smart device to trigger the camera's shutter

arrow Connecting your camera to a TV

arrow Creating a slide show


Consider this chapter the literary equivalent of the end of an infomercial — the part where the host exclaims, “But wait! There’s more!” Features covered here aren’t the sort that drive people to choose one camera over another, and they may come in handy only on certain occasions. Still, they’re included at no extra charge, so check ’em out when you have a few spare moments.

Investigating the Retouch Menu

Through the Retouch menu, you can do simple photo editing in the camera. It's a no-risk proposition: The camera doesn't alter your original file; it makes a copy and applies changes to the copy only. Here are the basics you need to get started: ...

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