Chapter 3. Using the Nikon D90 Menus

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Playback menu

Shooting menu

Custom Setting menu

Setup menu

Retouch menu

My Menu

Quick Settings Display

The first couple of chapters in this book cover how to change the main settings of your D90. This chapter delves a little more in depth into the menu options. Here, you can customize the D90 options to fit your shooting style, to help refine your workflow, or to make adjustments to refine the camera settings to fit different shooting scenarios.

The D90 has a lot of customizable features to make taking pictures easier for you. You can assign a number of buttons to different functions that you find yourself using a lot. Using the My Menu feature, you can create your own personal list of menu options so that you don't have to scroll through all the menu options for settings that you often need to access.

Some of these options are the same as those you can access and adjust by pushing a button and/or rotating a command dial. Most of the options, though, are to change settings that don't need to be changed very often or quickly.

The menus are accessed by pressing the Menu button on the back of the camera. Use the Multi-selector to scroll through the tabs on the right side of the LCD. When the desired menu is highlighted in yellow, press the OK button or press the Multi-selector right to enter the menu. Pressing the Menu button again or tapping the Shutter Release button exits the Menu mode screen and readies the camera for shooting.

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