Note: Page numbers followed by ‘f’ indicate figures, ‘t’ indicates tables.


Abowd, Gregory, 73

ABS. See Activity Based Search

Abstract knowledge representation, 316

Abstract task model, 315, 316f, 317f

Abstractness, 13

AC. See Accessibility Commons

Access, 411

Access Monkey, 32, 350, 361

Accessibility. See also Social Accessibility; Web accessibility

assessment/visualization of, 355–356

database integration and, 352–353

fully-automated approaches to, 352

manual approaches to, 351–352

metadata, 349

of RIAs, 351–352

visualizations of, 355–356

Accessibility Commons (AC)

automation-based indexing and, 359

broken/conflicting metadata in, 363

database performance of, 363

metadata representation in, 358–361, 363

uniting disparate metadata in, ...

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