Chapter 2 The Idea for Pinpoint Technologies

Somehow David and I got in the habit of having dinner every Wednesday night in a ritual that we called PHK. We’d leave work early, around 5 p.m., go to Pizza Hut for dinner, and then head home to watch Beverly Hills 90210. PHK stood for Pizza Hut and Kelly, our favorite character on the show.

Initially these Wednesday night sessions were basically bitch sessions that we’d spend complaining about some aspect of our jobs. Eventually we started complaining about how ADS was being run, and then finally, what could be done better.

In the summer of 1993 we began exploring the concept of starting our own company and reselling EMTrack, paying ADS a royalty.

On Thanksgiving weekend in 1993 we took a ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado. A bunch of us went: Bob Durkin and his girlfriend, Jennifer Sax (whom he later married); David Cohen and his girlfriend, Dana McClain (whom he later married and then divorced); Bob’s sister, her husband, and me. Before going up to Breckenridge we spent some time in Boulder visiting a friend of mine, Amy Robillard. Little did we know that this trip would later lead to our relocating to Boulder.

The weather while skiing in Breckenridge was the coldest I’d ever experienced in Colorado. I remember that with the windchill it was 40 below. David and Bob still tease me because none of them knew how to ski, and before taking off to ski with Amy I accidentally pointed them in the wrong direction for the lift that went ...

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