Node.js in Practice

Book description

Node.js in Practice is a collection of fully tested examples that offer solutions to the common and not-so-common issues you face when you roll out Node. You'll dig into important topics like the ins and outs of event-based programming, how and why to use closures, how to structure applications to take advantage of end-to-end JavaScript apps, and more.

About the Technology

About the Book

You've decided to use Node.js for your next project and you need the skills to implement Node in production. It would be great to have Node experts Alex Young and Marc Harter at your side to help you tackle those day-to-day challenges. With this book, you can!

Node.js in Practice is a collection of 115 thoroughly tested examples and instantly useful techniques guaranteed to make any Node application go more smoothly. Following a common-sense Problem/Solution format, these experience-fueled techniques cover important topics like event-based programming, streams, integrating external applications, and deployment. The abundantly annotated code makes the examples easy to follow, and techniques are organized into logical clusters, so it's a snap to find what you're looking for.

What's Inside
  • Common usage examples, from basic to advanced
  • Designing and writing modules
  • Testing and debugging Node apps
  • Integrating Node into existing systems

About the Reader

Written for readers who have a practical knowledge of JavaScript and the basics of Node.js.

About the Authors

Alex Young is a seasoned JavaScript developer who blogs regularly at DailyJS. Marc Harter works daily on large-scale projects including high-availability real-time applications, streaming interfaces, and other data-intensive systems.

An in-depth tour of Node.js
- From the Foreword by Ben Noordhuis, Cofounder of StrongLoop, Inc.

The missing manual for Node.js, packed with real-world examples!
- Kevin Baister, 1KB Software Solutions Ltd.

Essential recipes for the server-side JavaScript developer.
- Gregor Zurowski, Sotheby’s

Useful techniques and resources that help with problem solving, debugging, and troubleshooting.
- Michael Piscatello, MBP Enterprises, LLC

Product information

  • Title: Node.js in Practice
  • Author(s): Marc Harter, Alex Young
  • Release date: December 2014
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 9781617290930