Chapter 2. Get Connected

Hacks 10–15: Introduction

By their very nature, mobile phones are connected devices. They are useful only when connected into the wireless network. Connecting a mobile phone to the wireless voice network is straightforward. Just turn on the phone and it automatically finds and registers on the network.

Smartphones, however, have features well beyond those available with simple mobile phones. To fully utilize the data-processing power of smartphones, you should connect them to the wireless data network. In this chapter, I cover the Nokia smartphone’s data connection configuration, as well as issues with both the wireless Internet and local Bluetooth networks.

Connect Your Phone to the Internet

Your mobile smartphone is as powerful as desktop computers were not too long ago. Not only that, but you can connect to the Internet with it. Combine these capabilities, and you’ve got a smart device that can connect you to email, the Web, and more.

The mobile Internet is a key part of the mobile lifestyle. Many of the cool features crammed into your Nokia phone are designed specially for Internet use. However, an October 2004 mobile survey conducted by Wacom Components suggests that more than half of the users polled thought that it was too difficult to access the Internet from their mobile phone, and hence they avoided the mobile Internet altogether.

If you’re like these users and your phone is not yet connected to the Internet, you are not only missing out on a lot of ...

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