Chapter 10. Email and Messaging

Hacks 58–66: Introduction

Email is a killer application for the Internet. For business travelers, the ability to send and receive email on a mobile phone is a mandatory feature that certainly justifies expensive devices and data subscription plans. In fact, vendors such as Research In Motion (RIM) have built very successful platforms around mobile email with dedicated email devices and special subscription services. However, those dedicated devices and services are often too expensive for casual travelers. In addition, those dedicated email devices are often not as feature-rich as Nokia Series 40 and Series 60 phones. In this chapter, you will learn techniques for setting up and managing email accounts on your Nokia phone. Since one of the major obstacles of using email on Nokia phones is the lack of a keyboard, I will also include a hack that specifically covers how to type text messages quickly and accurately on the phone.

Compared with email, mobile messaging—including Short Message Service (SMS) and MMS—is much more ubiquitous on a phone. In this chapter, you will also learn innovative ways to use SMS and MMS to make the most out of your phone and services. To unify mobile messaging and computer messaging, techniques to access Internet instant messaging (IM) services from the phone are covered in the last hack of this chapter.

Type on the Small Keypad

Composing your messages on a phone keypad doesn’t have to be painful. Most handsets make it pretty ...

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