Appendix E

Additional Solved Examples on NCER

Example B.1

The tidal range of a tide at a location is 10 m. The surface area of the tidal basin is 3 km × 3 km and specific density of sea water is 1,025 kg/m3. Assume two high tides and two low tides occur every day, the power conversion efficiency to be 30% and the acceleration due to the Earth’s gravity is 9.81 m/s2. Calculate the following:

  1. Potential energy content of the water in the basin at high tide
  2. The total energy potential per day
  3. The mean power generation potential
  4. The daily-average power generated


  1. Energy available from barrage is dependent on the voume of water. The potential energy contained is given by,

    Given that

    The factor half is due to the fact that as the basin ...

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