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Non-Programmers Guide To Building iOS Apps

Video Description

In this building iOS Apps training video for non-programmers, expert author Tony Bove teaches you how to build fully functional iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad. This training course is designed for the absolute beginner, and no prior programming or iOS development experience is required.
You start the training course with an introduction to Xcode, including learning to use the Xcode text editor, running your app in the simulator, and accessing documentation. You will then get familiar with Objective-C, covering topics such as objects, classes, and using frameworks and design patterns. This video tutorial will also show you how to use interface controls, animate the main view, and add user preferences and interface methods. Tony will teach you about adding iPhone interface objects, design an iPad experience, and testing the iPhone and iPad interface. Finally, you will learn to prepare your app for distribution, including adding icons and launch images and managing your apps in the App Store.
By the completion of this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of creating iPhone and iPad apps from start to finish, including managing them in the App Store. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction To App Development 00:03:20
    2. What You Will Learn 00:02:03
    3. The App You Will Create 00:02:28
    4. About the Author 00:01:23
  2. Becoming An Apple Developer
    1. Enlisting In the Developer Corps 00:02:46
    2. Registering And Joining The Developer Program 00:02:28
    3. Exploring The Dev Center 00:06:19
    4. Downloading XCode 00:02:12
  3. Getting To Know XCode
    1. Exploring An XCode Project - Part 1 00:07:23
    2. Exploring An XCode Project - Part 2 00:07:42
    3. Using The XCode Text Editor 00:04:57
    4. Accessing Documentation And Preferences 00:06:01
    5. Running Your App In The Simulator 00:04:19
    6. Interacting With Simulated Hardware 00:06:09
  4. Getting Familiar With Objective-C
    1. Objects And Classes - Part 1 00:04:13
    2. Objects And Classes - Part 2 00:10:42
    3. Using Header And Implementation Files 00:07:42
    4. Working With Objects And Properties 00:09:41
    5. Using Frameworks And Design Patterns 00:13:45
  5. Understanding An App
    1. Utility Application Template - Part 1 00:03:53
    2. Utility Application Template - Part 2 00:08:46
    3. The App Life Cycle 00:10:47
    4. Event And Interruption Processing 00:05:05
    5. Background And Termination 00:06:49
  6. Interface Controls
    1. Looking At The Storyboard 00:03:03
    2. Inspecting The Main View 00:03:47
    3. Inspecting The Flip-Side View 00:03:02
    4. The Info And Done Buttons 00:05:00
  7. Animating The Main View
    1. Working With Windows And Views 00:06:33
    2. Adding Your Own Application Behaviours 00:03:23
    3. Adding A Timer And Animation 00:06:00
    4. Block Object Design Pattern 00:02:35
    5. Adding An Image And Testing the Main View 00:04:36
  8. Preferences And Interface Objects
    1. Setting Up User Preferences - Part 1 00:07:51
    2. Setting Up User Preferences - Part 2 00:09:35
    3. Setting Up User Interface Methods 00:05:40
    4. Adding iPhone Interface Objects 00:04:15
    5. Testing The iPhone Interface 00:05:12
  9. Adding The iPad User Interface
    1. Designing An iPad Experience 00:07:28
    2. Adding An Image And Interface Objects 00:05:36
    3. Testing The iPad Interface 00:02:50
  10. Readying Your App For Distribution
    1. Adding Icons And Launch Images 00:09:28
    2. Building Your App For Distribution 00:07:02
    3. Managing Your App In The App Store 00:05:13
    4. Avoiding The Rejection Slip 00:06:57
    5. Where To Go From Here 00:01:20