NOOK HD: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition

Book description

You can do many things with NOOK HD right out of the box, but if you really want to get the most from your HD or HD+ tablet, start with this book. With clear instructions, full-color illustrations, and savvy advice from technology expert Preston Gralla, you’ll learn how to use email and the Web, watch movies and shows, play games, listen to music, and enjoy your personal ebook library.

The important stuff you need to know:

  • Relax with a book. Load your NOOK library with ebooks, comics, and interactive books for kids.
  • Play with apps. Enjoy the games and apps everyone’s talking about.
  • Go online. Browse the Web and check your email with built-in WiFi.
  • Be social. Share books and recommendations with your NOOK Friends, and Facebook and Twitter contacts.
  • Take in a show. Watch movies and TV series, and listen to your favorite music anywhere.
  • Read all about it. Subscribe to a variety of magazines and newspapers.

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Table of contents

  1. NOOK HD: The Missing Manual
  2. The Missing Credits
    1. About the Author
    2. About the Creative Team
    3. Acknowledgements
    4. The Missing Manual Series
  3. Introduction
    1. About the NOOK HD and NOOK HD+
    2. Buying a NOOK
    3. What’s New in the NOOK HD and NOOK HD+
      1. Better Hardware
      2. Cleaner Home Screen and Overall Interface
      3. Profiles
      4. New Video Services
      5. Better Web Browsing
      6. Better Email
      7. Scrapbooks
    4. About This Book
    5. About the Outline
    6. About→These→Arrows
    7. About the Online Resources
      1. Missing CD
      2. Registration
      3. Feedback
      4. Errata
    8. Safari® Books Online
  4. I. The Basics
    1. 1. Getting to Know Your NOOK HD
      1. What Your NOOK HD Can Do
      2. A Quickie Look at the Hardware
      3. The NOOK Button
      4. Speaker and Volume Buttons
      5. Headphone Jack
      6. Power Button
      7. Sleeping, Locking, and Waking from Sleep
      8. USB Port, Connector, and Charger
      9. Microphone
      10. High-Resolution Color Touchscreen
      11. SD Slot
      12. Home Screen
    2. 2. Setting Up Your NOOK HD
      1. Charging Your NOOK HD
      2. Initial Setup and Connecting to a Network
      3. Registering Your NOOK HD
      4. Using and Troubleshooting WiFi
        1. Troubleshooting WiFi
      5. Using Your NOOK HD at a Barnes & Noble Store
    3. 3. Using Your NOOK HD for the First Time
      1. Using Gestures to Control the NOOK HD
      2. The Keyboard
        1. Accented and Special Characters
      3. The Status Bar
      4. Quick Settings
      5. The System Bar
        1. Recent Drawer
        2. My Recent Read
      6. The Active Shelf
      7. Customizing Your Home Screen
        1. Adding Items to Your Home Screen
        2. Using Multiple Panes
        3. Removing Items from the Home Screen
        4. Changing Your Wallpaper
        5. Customizing the Home Screen Using Quick Settings
      8. Returning Home
      9. Searching Your NOOK
    4. 4. Creating and Using Profiles
      1. Understanding Profiles
        1. The Three Types of Profiles
      2. Setting Up Profiles
        1. Setting Up an Adult Profile
        2. Setting Up a Child Profile
      3. Using Profiles
        1. Assigning Content to Profiles
      4. Editing Profiles
  5. II. Reading Books and Periodicals
    1. 5. Reading Books, Newspapers, Catalogs, and Magazines
      1. Opening a Book
      2. A Tour of the Book Reader
      3. Using the Table of Contents
      4. Sharing Your Reading
      5. Changing the Text and Display
      6. Selecting Text, Taking Notes, Highlighting Text, and More
        1. Handling Notes
        2. Handling Highlights
      7. Searching in Books
      8. Reading Mode and Zooming in on Images
      9. Video Inside Books
      10. Tapping Links
      11. Reading PDFs
      12. Reading Magazines
        1. Using Magazine View
        2. Using ArticleView
      13. Reading Newspapers
      14. Reading Comic Books
      15. Reading Catalogs
      16. Using Scrapbooks
        1. Reading Scrapbooks
    2. 6. Reading NOOK Kids Books
      1. What Can NOOK Kids Books Do?
      2. Buying a NOOK Kids Book
      3. Reading a NOOK Kids Book
        1. Read by Myself
      4. Listening to “Read to Me” and “Read and Play” Books
        1. Navigating Kids Books
      5. Record Reading a NOOK Kids Book for Your Kids
      6. Editing or Deleting a Recording
      7. Backing Up Your Recordings
  6. III. Managing Your Library
    1. 7. Buying Books, Magazines, and Newspapers and Managing Your Library
      1. Browsing and Searching for Books in the NOOK Shop
        1. Searching for Books
      2. Sampling and Buying Books
        1. Sampling Books
        2. Buying Books
      3. Browsing and Buying Magazines and Newspapers
      4. Using the Library to Manage Your Books and Periodicals
        1. Changing the Library View and Re-Sorting the Library
        2. Using the Contents Button
        3. Contents and Badges
        4. Nifty Options for Items in Your Library
        5. Organizing Your Library by Using Shelves
        6. Sending Items to the Cloud
      5. Using the Wish List
      6. Accessing Content on Your SD Card and NOOK HD’s Built-in Storage
        1. SD Cards and Your Library
      7. The Library on, PCs, Macs, and Mobile Devices
      8. Managing Your NOOK Account
    2. 8. Borrowing and Lending Books with LendMe and Your Local Library
      1. Both a Borrower and a Lender Be
      2. Lending and Borrowing Books with LendMe
      3. Seeing Your List of Lendable Books
        1. LendMe Privacy Settings
      4. Lending a Book
        1. Making an Offer to Lend a Book
        2. Responding to a Borrowing Request
      5. Borrowing a Book
        1. Returning Books Early
      6. Borrowing Books from the Library
        1. How to Borrow and Read NOOK Books
  7. IV. Apps, Media, and Files
    1. 9. Streaming Media: NOOK Video, UltraViolet, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Pandora
      1. Understanding Streaming Media
      2. Using NOOK Video
        1. Using the Shop to Find TV Shows and Movies
      3. Using UltraViolet
      4. Using Hulu Plus
      5. Using Netflix
        1. Watching a Movie or TV Show
        2. Browsing and Searching for Movies and TV Shows
        3. Managing Your Netflix Queue
      6. Using Pandora
    2. 10. Downloading and Using Apps
      1. Running Apps
      2. Managing and Deleting Apps
      3. Built-in NOOK Apps
      4. Getting Apps in the NOOK Shop
        1. Back and Menu Buttons in Apps
      5. Five Great Apps to Download
        1. Pulse News
        2. Evernote
        3. Fandango
        4. Words With Friends
        5. Trip Advisor City Guides
      6. Troubleshooting Apps
    3. 11. Music, Pictures, Video, and Documents
      1. Getting Files into Your NOOK
      2. Playing Music and Audio Files
        1. Browse Mode
        2. Now Playing Mode
        3. More Options for Playing Music
        4. Creating and Managing Playlists
        5. Listening to Podcasts and Audiobooks
      3. Using Gallery for Viewing Photos and Playing Video
      4. Working with Office Documents
    4. 12. Transferring Files Between Your NOOK HD and Your Computer
      1. Installing an SD Card
        1. Types of SD Cards You Can Use
        2. Installing the Card
        3. Removing the Card
      2. Transferring Files to Your NOOK HD
        1. Transferring with a PC
        2. Transferring with a Mac
      3. Troubleshooting Your Connection
      4. Finding Books Online to Transfer to Your NOOK HD
      5. Browsing and Managing Files on your NOOK HD
  8. V. The Web and Email
    1. 13. Surfing the Web
      1. A Tour of the NOOK HD’s Browser
      2. The Address Bar
      3. Navigating a Web Page
      4. Tapping Links
      5. Using Tabs
        1. Managing Bookmarks
      7. History, Most Visited, and Saved Pages Lists
        1. Using the Most Visited List
        2. Using the History List
        3. Using the Saved Pages List
      8. Saving Online Images
        1. Viewing Downloaded Images
        2. Reading PDF Files
      9. Web Pages Designed for Mobile Devices
      10. Online Privacy and Security
        1. Cookies
        2. Other Privacy Settings
        3. Pop-Up Blocker
      11. Changing Your Home Page, Text Size, and More Settings
    2. 14. Using Email
      1. Setting Up an Account
        1. POP3 and IMAP Accounts
      2. Reading Mail
        1. Handling Pictures in Mail
        2. Handling Other Attachments
        3. Adding the Sender to Your Contacts
      3. Replying to Messages
      4. Composing Email
      5. Managing and Searching Mail
      6. Managing Multiple Accounts and Advanced Email Options
      7. Understanding Gmail’s Organization
      8. Gmail’s Labels
  9. VI. Getting Social
    1. 15. NOOK Friends, Facebook, Twitter, and Beyond
      1. What Can You Do with NOOK Friends?
      2. Getting Started with NOOK Friends
      3. Adding Friends to NOOK Friends
        1. Accepting an Invitation
        2. Using and Managing Friends
      4. Using Friends Activities
      5. Using About Me
      6. Using LendMe
        1. LendMe Privacy Settings
      7. Linking Your NOOK HD to Facebook
        1. Unlinking Your Facebook Account
      8. Linking Your NOOK HD to Twitter
        1. Unlinking Your Twitter Account
      9. Using Facebook and Twitter on Your NOOK HD
        1. Using Twitter in Seesmic
        2. Using Facebook in Seesmic
        3. Using the Twitter App
    2. 16. Managing Your Contacts
      1. Getting Started with Contacts
        1. Importing and Exporting Contacts
      2. Importing Facebook Contacts
      3. Creating a New Contact
      4. Searching and Browsing Contacts
      5. Favorites
  10. VII. Advanced Topics
    1. 17. Settings
      1. Wireless & Bluetooth
      2. General
        1. Battery Life
        2. Screen
        3. Language
        4. Keyboard
        5. Speech
        6. Mouse/Trackpad
        7. Sounds
        8. Security
        9. Date & Time
        10. Notifications
      3. Applications
        1. Home
        2. Email
        3. Calendar
        4. Contacts
        5. Browser
        6. Magazine/Catalog/Comics Reader
        7. Shop
        8. Social Accounts and NOOK Friends
        9. Reader
        10. Search
        11. NOOK Video
        12. My Apps
      4. Account Settings
      5. Storage Management
      6. Device Information
    2. 18. Rooting Your NOOK
      1. Understanding Rooting
      2. What You Need to Know about the NOOK Software and Rooting
      3. Rooting Your NOOK Temporarily with a microSD Card
        1. Booting Up from a microSD Card
        2. Save Money by Downloading and Burning
        3. Using the NOOK as an Android Tablet
      4. Rooting the Built-in Flash Memory
  11. VIII. Appendixes
    1. A. Maintenance and Troubleshooting
      1. Unfreezing a Frozen NOOK
      2. Fixing SD Card Woes
      3. Cleaning Your NOOK’s Screen
      4. Updating the NOOK’s Software
      5. Warranty and Repair
      6. Where to Get Help
      7. NOOK Accessories
    2. B. File Formats
      1. Book Files, Microsoft Office Files, and Multimedia Files
        1. Book Files, Microsoft Office Files, and Multimedia Files
          1. Book Files, Microsoft Office Files, and Multimedia Files
          2. Music Files
          3. Picture and Photo Files
          4. Video Files
    3. C. Visiting B&N with Your NOOK Tablet
  12. Index
  13. About the Author
  14. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: NOOK HD: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Preston Gralla
  • Release date: February 2013
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781449362775