Chapter 11. Music, Pictures, Video, and Documents

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YOUR NOOK DOES MORE than work as a great ereader and entertainment player—it’s also a great device for listening to music, viewing pictures, playing videos, and even reading work documents such as PDF files and Microsoft Office documents. Everything you need to do all that is built right into the NOOK itself. Read on to learn how to do it all.

Getting Files into Your NOOK

Before you can listen to music, view movies or pictures, or read documents, you have to get them into your NOOK HD. You can get them there in three different ways:

  • Via email. Someone can send you the files via email, and you can save them on your NOOK HD (Handling Other Attachments).

  • From the Web. As you browse the Web, you can download files to your NOOK HD.

  • Transferring them from a computer. Connect your NOOK HD to your computer via the USB cable, and you can drag them to your NOOK’s internal storage, or to a microSD card if you’ve installed one (Installing an SD Card).

Playing Music and Audio Files

You play music and audio files on your NOOK HD using the built-in Music Player. The Music Player has two modes—Browse mode and Now Playing mode. The first time you launch the app, you launch into Browse mode, which lets you view your music by artists, albums, songs, or playlists. To change the view to any of them, simply tap the appropriate button at the top of the screen. ...

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