Chapter 11. Transferring Files Between Your NOOK Tablet and Your Computer

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YOUR NOOK TABLET’S 16 gigabytes of memory goes a long way. You’ve got twice as much room for books, periodicals, files, and apps than with any competing eReader. But sometimes that 16 GB doesn’t go far enough and you want more.

Unlike other eReaders, your NOOK Tablet has a built-in slot for a microSD card, which means you can expand its storage, and add lots of it. There’s plenty you can do with that storage, adding space for music, Office documents, video, and more. This chapter tells you how to do that, from installing an SD card, to transferring files and then learning how to manage them.


The NOOK Color and $199 NOOK Tablet have 8 GB of built-in storage, not 16 GB.

Installing an SD Card

Most of the storage built into the NOOK is for Barnes & Noble content and for the NOOK’s Android-based operating system. 1 GB is available for non–Barnes & Noble content. That’s where the NOOK’s SD card comes in. You can put an SD card with up to a whopping 32 GB of memory in it, with room for literally thousands of books, magazines, newspapers, and files.

How many you can actually fit depends on what you put there. Figure that an SD card can store about 1,000 books for every gigabyte of storage space, so a 32 GB SD card can hold an astounding 32,000 books! Even if you’re a nonstop reader, that should last you several lifetimes. ...

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