Chapter 13. Using Email

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YOU WANT EMAIL ON your NOOK Tablet? You’ve got it. Your NOOK does a great job of handling email. Want to read attachments like pictures, Microsoft Office documents, and PDFs? The NOOK Tablet can do that. How about working with just about any email service out there? It can do that, too. You can also manage your mail, sync your mail, and plenty more right on the NOOK. It’s a great way to have your email always in your pocket. This chapter shows you how to get the most out of email on the NOOK Tablet.

Set Up an Account

To get started, first launch the email app by pressing the NOOK button, tapping Apps, and then tapping Email. If you prefer, tap the apps icon in the Media bar, and tap Email from your list of apps. You’re greeted by a Welcome screen that lets you set up an email account on the NOOK Tablet. Type your password and email address, and then tap Next.

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What happens next depends upon whether you’re setting up a web-based email account such as for Gmail or Microsoft Live Hotmail, or else an account that you get through work or an Internet service provider (ISP). If you’re setting up a web-based mail account, your Google Tablet will make sure that your settings are correct, log you in, and immediately begin downloading mail to your tablet.

If you instead are ...

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