Chapter 1

Introducing NoSQL: The Big Picture

In This Chapter

arrow Examining the past

arrow Recognizing changes

arrow Applying capabilities

The data landscape has changed. During the past 15 years, the explosion of the World Wide Web, social media, web forms you have to fill in, and greater connectivity to the Internet means that more than ever before a vast array of data is in use.

New and often crucial information is generated hourly, from simple tweets about what people have for dinner to critical medical notes by healthcare providers. As a result, systems designers no longer have the luxury of closeting themselves in a room for a couple of years designing systems to handle new data. Instead, they must quickly create systems that store data and make information readily available for search, consolidation, and analysis. All of this means that a particular kind of systems technology is needed.

The good news is that a huge array of these kinds of systems already exists in the form of NoSQL databases. The not-so-good news is that many people don’t understand what NoSQL databases do or why and how to use them. Not to worry, though. That’s why I wrote this book. In this chapter, I introduce you to ...

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