Chapter 8

Riak and Basho

In This Chapter

arrow Selecting a key-value store for your needs

arrow Finding commercial companies providing support for Riak

Riak is the highest praised and most-used NoSQL key-value store. Its customers range from public health services in Europe to web advertisement agencies the world over.

Basho Technologies, the makers of Riak, has offices worldwide and is the go-to place for support, which it offers 24/7.

In this chapter, I talk about issues you need to consider when selecting a key-value store. These include finding support for your key-value store based development efforts.

Choosing a Key-Value Store

As I’ve mentioned in Chapter 2, key-value stores are relatively simple database designs. The operations they provide are largely the same, with only a few providing extra features for application developers.

Most of the choices relate to whether you want an ACID-compliant database, one with secondary indexes, or one that supports a very specific, niche feature, such as native support for flash storage.

Being able to create well-built applications also means you need to find well-trained personnel and support services. You’ll also need to consider integrating the key-value store with existing complementary technology, and how to handle storage of the data formats ...

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