Chapter 13

Cassandra and DataStax

In This Chapter

arrow Creating high-speed key access to data

arrow Supporting Cassandra development

Cassandra is the leading NoSQL Bigtable clone. Its popularity is based on its speed and SQL-like query language for relational database type people, and the fact it takes the best technological advances from the Dynamo and Bigtable papers.

DataStax is the primary commercial company offering support and Enterprise extensions for the Cassandra open-source Bigtable clone. DataStax is one of the largest NoSQL companies in the world, having received more than $106 million in investor funding in September 2014, and $84 million during mid-2013.

In this chapter, I discuss both the Cassandra Bigtable NoSQL database and the support that can be found from DataStax, its commercial backer.

Designing a Modern Bigtable

The Cassandra design team took the best bits from Amazon’s Dynamo paper on key-value store design and Google’s Bigtable paper on wide column store (also called extensible record store) design.

Cassandra, therefore, provides high-speed key access to data while also providing flexible columns and a schema-free, join-free, wide column store. Developers who have used the Structured Query Language (SQL) in relational database management systems should find the Cassandra ...

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