Chapter 31

Hybrid NoSQL Database Use Cases

In This Chapter

arrow Directing readers to relevant articles

arrow Cataloging all available information

Many use cases straddle the worlds of document NoSQL databases, triple stores, and search. As a result, combinations of these functions form the basis of the most common hybrid NoSQL databases.

In this chapter, I explain these use cases and how they combine the features of each world so that you can apply them to similar use cases in your own organization.

Digital Semantic Publishing

Publishing and managing a news website that changes on a daily basis is hard to do. Deciding exactly where each story should appear on the site is even harder. Stories on soccer may be relevant in one area, but what about stories about a soccer star’s fashion label? These kinds of stories may belong in multiple areas on a website.

Traditionally, journalists and their senior editors decide where news stories are posted. However, in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of news, it’s difficult for editors and journalists to categorize information in a timely way.

As a result, a more reactive way of publishing news stories is needed. Editors and journalists need to react to the various entities mentioned in news stories, allowing the relationships among these entities to ...

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