Chapter 35

Ten NoSQL Misconceptions

In This Chapter

arrow Blowing away misinformation

arrow Bringing clear facts

As I mention in earlier chapters, NoSQL is a rapidly evolving market with products undergoing constant change. Having so many NoSQL databases available is a double-edged sword. With so many differences out there, common misconceptions form and become lore. I highlight the most common misconceptions in this chapter.

NoSQL Is a Single Type of Database

NoSQL is a catch-all term for a variety of database types that exhibit common architectural approaches. These databases aren’t intended for related table, rows, and columns data. They are highly distributed, which means data is spread across several servers, and they’re tolerant of data structure changes (that is, they’re schema agnostic).

You can find several types of databases under the NoSQL banner:

  • Key-value stores provide easy and fast storage of simple data through use of a key.
  • Column stores provide support for very wide tables but not for relationships between tables.
  • Document stores support JSON and/or XML hierarchical structures.
  • Triple (and graph) stores provide the same flexibility to relationships that document NoSQL databases provide to record structures.

NoSQL Databases Aren’t ACID-Compliant

ACID compliance is the gold standard ...

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