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Novell® GroupWise® 7 Administrator Solutions Guide

Book Description

Novell GroupWise 7 Administrator Solutions Guide is the authoritative guide for successfully administrating and maintaining the newest release of Novell's communication and collaboration solution. Author Tay Kratzer, a Novell Premium Service-Primary Support Engineer, will provide you with insider tips on administration solutions, proven information on how to work with GroupWise 7, and techniques for troubleshooting this latest release of GroupWise not available in the standard GroupWise 7 documentation. Amongst many other things, this guide will cover:

  • GroupWise Architecture

  • Using GroupWise System Operations

  • Installing and Configuring the GroupWise Internet Agent

  • Moving Resources, Distribution Lists and Libraries

  • Troubleshooting Message Flow

  • Securing your GroupWise System via SSL

  • Creating a Backup Solution for GroupWise

  • Creating a Solution to Administer a GroupWise System from a Linux Workstation

  • Master the management and administration of GroupWise 7 with Novell GroupWise 7 Administrator's Guide.

    Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Table of Contents
    4. About the Authors
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. Introduction
    7. PART I: Architecture
      1. CHAPTER 1: GroupWise Architecture: Basics
      2. CHAPTER 2: Creating a GroupWise System
      3. CHAPTER 3: Understanding the GroupWise Directory
      4. CHAPTER 4: Understanding the GroupWise Information Store
    8. PART II: Administration Interface
      1. CHAPTER 5: Working with GroupWise Objects
      2. CHAPTER 6: Using GroupWise System Operations
      3. CHAPTER 7: GroupWise Utilities and Diagnostics
    9. PART III Agents and Clients
      1. CHAPTER 8: Configuring the Post Office Agent
      2. CHAPTER 9: Configuring the Message Transfer Agent
      3. CHAPTER 10: Installing and Configuring the GroupWise Internet Agent
      4. CHAPTER 11: Installing and Configuring GroupWise WebAccess
      5. CHAPTER 12: Administering the GroupWise Client
    10. PART IV: Practical Administration
      1. CHAPTER 13: Moving Users
      2. CHAPTER 14: Working with GroupWise Agents on the Linux Platform
      3. CHAPTER 15: Administering Multiple GroupWise Systems
      4. CHAPTER 16: Internet Addressing
      5. CHAPTER 17 Maintaining the GroupWise System
      6. CHAPTER 18: Monitoring Your GroupWise System Through GroupWise Monitor
    11. PART V: Applied Architecture
      1. CHAPTER 19: Building Your GroupWise System Correctly
      2. CHAPTER 20: Troubleshooting Message Flow
      3. CHAPTER 21: Moving Domains and Post Offices
      4. CHAPTER 22: Troubleshooting the GroupWise Directory
      5. CHAPTER 23: Troubleshooting GroupWise
      6. CHAPTER 24: Using Wireless and Handheld Devices with GroupWise 7 WebAccess
      7. CHAPTER 25: Configuring a Spam/Junk Mail Control Solution
      8. CHAPTER 26 Configuring GroupWise Authentication via LDAP
      9. CHAPTER 27 Securing Your GroupWise System via SSL
      10. CHAPTER 28 Restoring Deleted Users
      11. CHAPTER 29 Configuring a GroupWise Messenger (Instant Messaging) System
    12. PART VI: Solutions
      1. CHAPTER 30: Creating a Secure Messaging Solution
      2. CHAPTER 31: Creating a Highly Available GroupWise WebAccess Solution
      3. CHAPTER 32: Creating a Highly Available GroupWise Internet Agent Solution
      4. CHAPTER 33: Creating Solutions to Limit Post Office Message Store Size
      5. CHAPTER 34: Creating a GroupWise-to-GroupWise Communication Solution Across the Internet
    13. Index