Memory-based Paper CUET Mathematics (UG) 2023

1. For finding absolute maximum and minimum values of a function f given by

f (x) = 2x3 − 15x2 + 36x + 1 on [1, 5],

A. The critical points in (1, 5) are 2 and 3.

B. The absolute maximum value of f on [1, 5] is 29.

C. The absolute minimum value of f on [1, 5] is 24.

D. The absolute minimum value of f on [1, 5] is 20.

E. We evaluate the value of f at critical points and at the points of the interval [1, 5]

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

(a) A, C, E only

(b) D, E only

(c) B, C, D only

(d) C, D, E only

2. If  ch00_eqn367 then

A. ...

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