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H. Li, PhDNumerical Methods Using Javahttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-6797-4_3

3. Finding Roots of Equations

Haksun Li, PhD1  
Hong Kong, China

A root-finding algorithm is a numerical algorithm for finding a value x such that f (x) = 0 for a given function f. This procedure is also called finding zeros . As a result, you can get no solution, one solution, or multiple solutions. NM Dev provides a few methods to find roots. They are the Jenkins-Traub algorithm, bisection method, Brent’s method, Newton-Raphson method, and Halley’s method. With the exception of polynomials, we have the Jenkins-Traub algorithm that calculates all the roots of a polynomial. In general, the zeros of a function cannot be computed exactly or there ...

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