Using the prototype's methods and properties

All the methods and properties you have added to the prototype are available as soon as you create a new object using the constructor. If you create a newtoy object using the Gadget() constructor, you can access all the methods and properties that are already defined, as you can see in the following code:

    > var newtoy = new Gadget('webcam', 'black'); 
    > newtoy.color; 
    > newtoy.whatAreYou(); 
    "I am a black webcam" 
    > newtoy.price; 
    > newtoy.rating; 
    > newtoy.getInfo(); 
    "Rating: 3, price: 100" 

It's important to note that the prototype is live. Objects are passed by reference in JavaScript, and therefore, the prototype is not copied with every new object instance. What does ...

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