CHAPTER 8DML and Concurrency

Exam Objectives

In this chapter you will learn to

• 051.9.1 Describe Each Data Manipulation Language (DML) Statement

• 051.9.2 Insert Rows into a Table

• 051.9.3 Update Rows in a Table

• 051.9.4 Delete Rows from a Table

• 051.9.5 Control Transactions

• 052.9.1 Manage Data Using DML

• 052.9.2 Identify and Administer PL/SQL Objects

• 052.9.3 Monitor and Resolve Locking Conflicts

• 052.10.1 Explain the Purpose of Undo

• 052.10.2 Understand How Transactions Generate Undo

• 052.10.3 Manage Undo

Data in a relational database is managed with the DML (Data Manipulation Language) commands of SQL. These are INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and (with more recent versions of SQL) MERGE. This chapter discusses what happens in memory, and ...

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