CHAPTER 16Restore and Recover with RMAN

Exam Objectives

In this chapter you will learn to

• 052.16.1 Describe the Data Recovery Advisor

• 052.16.1 Use the Data Recovery Advisor to Perform Recovery (Controlfile, Redo Log File and Datafile)

• 053.7.1 Perform Complete Recovery from a Critical or Noncritical Datafile Loss Using RMAN

• 053.7.2 Perform Incomplete Recovery Using RMAN

• 053.7.3 Recover Using Incrementally Updated Backups

• 053.7.4 Switch to Image Copies for Fast Recovery

• 053.7.6 Recover Using a Backup Controlfile

• 053.13.3 Perform Block Media Recovery

In principle, restore and recovery (Oracle uses these terms very precisely) following a failure are simple. To restore a damaged file is to extract it from a previously made backup; ...

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