@ command, 76t


access paths, 459

access structures, SQL Access Advisor, 473

actions, chain rule, 613

ACTIVE log file status, 266t

ACTIVE redo log group, recovering from loss of, 270

active sessions, number of, 531

ACTIVE state, 270

ADR. See Automatic Diagnostic Repository

ADRCI (Automatic Diagnostic Repository Command Interpreter) tool, 559–562

Advanced Options section, Recommendation Options page, SQL Access Advisor, 473

Advanced Scheduler, 621–624

ADVISE FAILURE command, 76t, 580, 583

Advisor Central page, EM, 462, 464f, 471, 527f

aggregate PGA, 444

aggregate rows, 348

AL16UTF16 character set, 646

alert logs, 10–11, 350, 562

Alert section, home page, EM, 498, 499f

alerts, flash recovery area, 79, 91

alias filenames

overview, 32

with ...

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