chapter 16: basic powerpoint 613
require several slides—or vice versa. Fortunately, it’s no problem to adjust the slide
sequence as you go.
Inserting new slides
Inserting a new slide into the lineup once you’ve created a few is easy. Just click any-
place in the outline topic or the slide before the spot where you want the new slide
to appear, then choose InsertNew Slide (Control-M). The New Slide dialog box
appears, as described on page 604.
Inserting slides from other presentations
You can also recycle slides from other presentation files simply by choosing Insert
Slides from File. The Choose a File dialog box appears; locate and single-click the
PowerPoint file whose slides you want to import.
At the bottom of the dialog box, choose “Import all slides” or (if you want to hand-
pick the slides worth importing) “Select slides to insert. Then click Open.
If you chose “Select slides to insert, you now see a dialog box offering miniatures of
the slides. If you want to import slides with their existing design intact, as opposed
to letting them inherit the new presentations master slide design, turn on “Keep
design of original slides. Shift-click the slides you want, click Insert, and then—after
PowerPoint inserts the slides behind the dialog box—click Close.
Tip: You can drag slides from one presentation to the other by opening them in the Slide Sorter.
Deleting a slide
In Slide Sorter view, click the slide and then press Delete, or choose EditDelete
Slide. In Normal view, simply choose EditDelete Slide.
Moving slides around
The easiest ways to rearrange your slide sequence are by dragging the tiny slide icons
up and down in the Outline pane or by dragging thumbnails around in Slide Sorter
view. In either case, the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands work.
Tip: The trick in Slide Sorter view is, before pasting, to select the slide just before the spot where you want
the pasted slides to appear.
How to Build a Slide
The outliner is an excellent tool for creating the overall flow of your slideshow. But
sooner or later, you’ll probably want to work on the slides themselves—to add charts
or other graphics, to edit your concluding slide when new data becomes available five
minutes before a meeting, and so on.
Step 3: Building
the Show

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