178 office 2004 for macintosh: the missing manual
have comments. Hovering your cursor over the brackets reveals the comment. In Page
Layout view, you’ll see the brackets connected to comment balloons in the documents
margin, indicating the comments.
If you like, you can open (or close) the Reviewing pane, where all the document’s
comments are listed sequentially. To do that, click the Reviewing pane button on the
Reviewing toolbar, shown in Figure 5-2, or, if time is not at a premium, click the Show
pop-up menu on the Reviewing toolbar and choose Reviewing pane.
Note: Some folks don’t like the Reviewing pane eating half their viewing space. If you’re one of them, you
may prefer to add comments in attractive text bubbles, which are new in this iteration of Office, instead of
the Reviewing pane. To make it so, select WordPreferences and click Track Changes at the left. At the bot-
tom of the Track Changes panel, turn on “Use balloons to display changes.” You can then see the balloons,
but only in Page Layout view.
If you’ve used Word for Windows, you may find these balloons look familiar. If you’re a confirmed Mac-head,
you may prefer the pop-up comment boxes from previous Word versions. You’re not alone.
Deleting comments
To delete a comment do one of the following:
Control-click (or right-click) within the comment’s bracketing and choose Delete
Comment from the shortcut menu.
Click the Reviewing toolbar’s Reject Change/Delete Comment button.
Select the comment or the comment’s title bar in the Reviewing Pane, and then
Control-click and select Delete from the shortcut menu.
Click the “X” button in the comment’s balloon.
Navigating Comments
The main document pane and the Reviewing pane have independent vertical scroll
bars. You can move around in each one using any of Word’s usual navigation tools
(see page 69). You can also use the Previous Comment and Next Comment buttons
on the Reviewing toolbar (Figure 5-2), or the Navigation Buttons described on page
69, to hop from one comment in the document to the next. (The main document
window scrolls automatically to keep up.)
If the Reviewing pane isn’t visible, choose ViewToolbarsReviewing, or Control-
click (or right-click) the group divider on any toolbar and select Reviewing. Now
you can edit comments—yours or anyone elses—or click Delete Comment (on the
Reviewing toolbar) to do away with a comment completely.
Change Tracking
When its time to mark up a document for revision, many people who otherwise use
their Mac for everything still turn to paper, pencil, and highlighter. After all, marking

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