chapter 7: advanced word processing 225
Tip: Word positions endnotes immediately after the document or section’s text, according to your specifica-
tion. To put them on a separate page for printing, click in front of the first endnote and choose Insert
BreakPage Break. If you have numerous endnotes, you may want them to start on a new page so they’re
easier to check against your paper.
Line Numbers
If you’re a lawyer, Bible scholar, or aspiring Hollywood scriptwriter, you’re already
familiar with line numbering: tiny numbers in the left margin every five or 10 lines
(see Figure 7-4). But even in everyday business, they’re occasionally useful; you could
email a press release to your boss and ask, “Let me know if I come on too strong in
lines 5–8, for instance.
Line numbers show up only in Page Layout view (choose ViewPage Layout or
click the Page Layout button on the bottom left of the page). To add them to your
document, select the text whose lines you want numbered. If its a single section, for
example, click anywhere in that section; if it’s the whole document, choose Edit
Select All or press c-A. If you’re at the start of a new document and want to start
numbering immediately, read on.
Tip: By choosing FormatParagraphLine and Page Breaks tab and turning on “Suppress line numbers,”
you make Word skip over the selected paragraphs in its numbering. Keep this checkbox in mind when defining
a style, too, since you can use it to ensure that your captions are never numbered, for example.
Footnotes and
Figure 7-4:
You can tell Word not to number specific para-
graphs by highlighting them and then choosing
FormatParagraphLine and Page Breaks
tab. In the Line Numbers dialog box, turn on
“Suppress line numbers.” Here, for example, that
option was turned on for the Heading styles, so
that headings aren’t numbered automatically.

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