Working with Audio-visual Equipment

The first part of this chapter assumed that you were using a computer with a single monitor to show your presentation, but this may not always be the case. This section looks at the entire range of audio-visual options from which you can choose. There are many models of projection equipment in conference rooms all across the world, but most of them fall into one of these categories:

  • Noncomputerized equipment: This can include an overhead transparency viewer, a 35mm slide projector, or other older technology. You face two challenges if you need to work with this category of equipment: one is figuring out how the equipment works because every model is different, and the other is producing attractive versions of your slides to work with them. There are companies that can produce 35mm slides from your PowerPoint files, or you can invest in a slide-making machine yourself. For transparencies, you simply print your slides on transparency film that is designed for your type of printer.

  • Single computer with a single monitor: If there is a computer with a monitor in the meeting room, then you can run your presentation on that computer. You can do this with the Publish to CD feature that is discussed in the preceding sections, and then run the presentation directly from the CD.

  • Single computer with a dual-monitor system: On systems with dual monitors, one monitor is shown to the audience and the other is for your own use. This is useful when you want to ...

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