Creating a New Rule

To create a new e-mail rule, select Rules and Alerts from the Tools menu. Outlook displays the Rules and Alerts dialog box, in which you should select the E-Mail Rules tab. If you have any rules already defined, they are listed here. You can work with existing rules as described later in this chapter. To create a new rule, click the New Rule button to display the Rules Wizard, as shown in Figure 28-5.

Figure 28-5. The first step in defining a new rule.

You can see that this dialog box has two parts, Select a Template at the top and Edit the Rule Description at the bottom. The following sections look at these in turn.

Selecting a rule template

The Select a Template portion of this dialog box is divided into three sections, each containing two or more templates:

  • Stay Organized: Templates that move, delete, or flag messages or other items

  • Stay Up to Date: Templates for alerting you when messages arrive

  • Start From a Blank Rule: Templates that are empty and let you define a rule from scratch

The remainder of this section deals with the first two of these categories. Starting from a blank rule is covered separately later in this chapter.

When you click an item in the Select a Template section, the Edit the Rule Description section displays the rule definition along with an example. Editing the definition is covered in the next section.

Editing a rule description ...

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