Adding Forms Using the Ribbon

Use the Form group in the Create tab on the Ribbon to add forms to your database. The commands in the Form group—shown in Figure 35-1—let you create the following different types of forms:

  • Form: Creates a new form that lets you enter information for one record at a time. You must have a table, query, form, or report open or selected to use this command.

  • Split Form: Creates a split form that shows a datasheet in the lower section and a form in the upper section for entering information about the record selected in the datasheet.

  • Multiple Items: Creates a form that shows multiple records in a datasheet, with one record per row.

  • PivotChart: Instantly creates a PivotChart form.

  • Blank Form: Instantly creates a blank form with no controls.

  • More Forms: This drop-down list lets you start the Form Wizard or instantly create a Datasheet, Modal Dialog, or PivotTable.

  • Form Design: Creates a new blank form and displays it in Design View.

Figure 35-1. The Ribbon’s Create tab. Use the Form group to add new forms to your database.

Creating a new form

Use the Form command in the Form group of the Ribbon’s Create tab to create a new form based on a table or query selected in the Navigation Pane. To create a form based on the example tblProducts table you created in the last chapter, follow these steps:

Select tblProducts in the Navigation Pane. ...

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