Organizing, Finding, and Sharing

Just as you can rearrange, change, and view pages in a three-ring binder, your OneNote notes remain flexible so that you can update, change, rearrange, and use them exactly as you need to. You can search for notes or even publish them for use by others. This last section in the chapter explains how you can get the most out of all the content that you pile in to your OneNote notebooks.


You can tackle any of a number of tasks to reorganize and rearrange information on a page, between sections, and between notebooks. These are the most common actions you will use to keep your notebook information up-to-date:

  • Rename a section. Right-click the section tab, click Rename, type the new name, and press Enter.

  • Rename a page. Click in the title box at the top of the page and make the desired changes. The new name appears in the page tab, as well.

  • Move a note on a page. Click the note, move the mouse pointer over the bar at the top of the note container until the four-headed arrow appears, and then drag. To move an icon, drag it. To move a picture or inserted file printout, place the mouse pointer over the picture or printout and then click the select button that appears; then, drag the picture.

  • Move a section to another notebook. Right-click the section tab and click Move. In the Move Section To dialog box that appears (Figure 38-14), click the section near where you want to move the selected section and then click the Move Before or Move After ...

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