Chapter I.5. Graphing, Drawing, and Making Art

In This Chapter

  • Introducing new graph and chart applications

  • Graphing and charting with flair

  • Inserting new SmartArt graphics

  • Organizing your organization chart

  • Learning how to create shapes and drawings

  • Getting font-fancy with WordArt

  • Working with layers

Among the many things people use Office for are creating graphs, charts, and other types of art. With Office 2008, you find a new engine under the hood that controls how Office draws things onscreen, and this OfficeArt is running whenever you use graphs, charts, organization charts, SmartArt, and WordArt. This chapter covers all the bases so that you can discover ways to make Office 2008's improved features work for you.

Getting the Nitty-Gritty on Graphs and Charts

Your Mac can make pretty much any graph and can do so superbly. You're especially lucky when you have a Mac coupled with Office 2008, which offers three superb graphing programs from which to choose. Call it an embarrassment of riches, call it smart planning, but whatever you call it, you can make amazingly beautiful and rich graphs with your Mac.

Each of the three graph applications that you have access to provides particular strengths that make it attractive, and we want you be able to choose the one that's right for the particular graphing need you have at any moment. The three applications are

  • Apple Grapher: This application draws graphs of mathematical equations.

  • Elements Gallery: Create bar charts, pie charts, and other graphs ...

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